Public Sector


As a former Director of Employee Relations, Human Resources Manager, and Ethics Liaison Officer with the State of New Jersey, Jennifer is familiar with all aspects of public employment from open competitive examinations to pension appeals and the collective bargaining process. She now represents public employees, their unions, and municipalities in the following matters:

  •  Testing appeals to the Civil Service Commission
  •  Disciplinary Appeals
  •  Disciplinary Arbitration
  •  Ethics Investigations and Hearings
  •  Findings of No Probable Cause by the Civil Service Commission
  •  Division on Civil Rights proceedings
  •  Unfair Labor Practices
  •  Grievance Arbitration
  •  Contract Negotiations
  •  Pension Appeals
  •  Layoff Appeals (both Title Rights and Good Faith)

She also handles any appellate work stemming from a final agency decision by the Merit System Board, Civil Service Commission, Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) or the State Ethics Commission.Public Employment Relations Commission

She assists municipalities with creating or realigning civil service titles, designing and drafting civil service layoff plans, processing involuntary disability retirement applications, advises on difficult employment issues, provides independent hearing officers and investigators for particularly high profile incidents, and mediates workplace disputes to resolve them before formal action must be taken.

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