HR Compliance, Policies, and Training


HR Compliance, Policies, and Training

HR Compliance – There are multiple laws and regulations that even small businesses must comply with regarding employees at both the state and federal level. From mandatory posters to documentation verifying that someone is legally permitted to work in this country to determining whether employees are exempt from minimum wage and hour laws to record keeping requirements, there is a lot of room for error and worry. This office can answer those questions and help you fix those errors before an audit so you have peace of mind.

HR Policies – No matter how small a business is there are certain policies that should be in place, an attendance policy, a safety policy, a confidentiality policy, an anti- harassment and discrimination policy, and a reasonable accommodation policy. A dress code and a code of conduct are highly recommended but are not required. Also highly recommended are an organizational chart and accurate job descriptions detailing the responsibilities of each employee. This office can review your existing policies for legal adequacy and recommend changes, draft new policies, and assist you in creating job descriptions that will make job classification and reasonable accommodation requests much easier and more defensible.

Training – Having policies is only the first step in reducing liability in the event that an employee files a complaint with an administrative agency or a law suit. In order to successfully defend a suit for harassment an employer must demonstrate that they not only had a policy but trained employees and supervisors on the policy and procedures and then followed the policy and procedures. This office provides the following training:

For All Employees

  • Harassment and Discrimination (formerly Sexual Harassment now expanded due to changes in the law)
  • Violence in the Workplace

For Supervisors

  • Harassment and Discrimination for Supervisors
  • Document! Document! Document!
  • Knowing When to Call HR or Legal Counsel

For HR

  • Leaves under the FMLA, FLA, ADAAA, and Workers Comp
  • The Reasonable Accommodation Process, Who Do You Have to Accommodate for What and How
  • How to Write a Job Description
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