Contracts Relating to Employment


Contracts Relating to Employment

Employment Contracts – This office drafts and negotiates employment contracts on behalf of businesses and executives.

Independent Contractor Agreements – Making sure that your independent contractor agreements are both enforceable and maintain the contractor’s status as an independent contractor under New Jersey law requires a carefully drafted agreement tailored to your specific needs. This office works with you to develop the contract you need.

Non-compete/Non Solicit Agreements – Contrary to popular opinion, these agreements are enforceable if drafted narrowly to protect a business’ legitimate interests rather than as a punitive measure to prevent employees from leaving. They must be carefully drafted based on the employee’s responsibilities and the nature of the employer’s business. This office works with you to determine if a non-compete/non solicit agreement is appropriate for a particular employee and to draft an enforceable agreement should it be appropriate.

Confidentiality/Non-disclosure Agreements – The New Jersey Trade Secret Statute requires that employers put employees and independent contractors on notice as to what information is considered a trade secret by the business. The best way to do this is to develop a policy listing what types of documents are considered trade secrets and providing limits as to access to those documents and then require all employees and independent contractors to sign confidentiality and/or non-disclosure agreements which refer to the policy. This office works with you to create that policy and draft the required agreements to protect your trade secrets and confidential information.

Severance Agreements – Employees who have just been let go in this tough job market are much more likely to file complaints with the Department of Labor or the EEOC or to file law suits. A well drafted severance agreement buys an employer protection from litigation at a relatively low cost. The waivers in the agreement must be carefully drafted or they are not effective. This office can provide you with an
enforceable agreement and negotiate on your behalf should the employee retain counsel and threaten to sue rather than sign the severance agreement.

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