The Law Office of Jennifer Meyer-Mahoney is a full service labor and employment practice serving both the private and public sector.

In the private sector the focus is on helping small to medium size businesses with issues relating to their employees. In order to prevent problems a full range of compliance services are offered. From setting up the employment or independent contractor relationship to advising on accommodation of disabilities or religious practices to helping businesses figure out the labyrinth of employee leave laws to guidance on dealing with poor performance or employee misconduct to the negotiation of severance agreements and enforcement of non-competes and non-solicits Jennifer can walk a business through the process in order to limit liability, provide peace of mind, and let the business owner get back to doing business rather than spending more time than necessary on employee issues. Training on essentials like sexual harassment and violence in the work place is available along with policies and procedures custom designed for your New Jersey business. If a problem has already arisen in the form of an internal employee complaint, guidance in dealing with the employee post complaint, confidential investigations of complaints, and mediation of workplace disputes are all offered to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible with as little disruption of the workplace as possible. If the problem has escalated to the point that an administrative agency, such as the Department of Labor or EEOC, has gotten involved this office represents businesses in both audits and complaints. Should the unthinkable happen and an employee files a law suit against a business in superior court, this office represents employers and supervisors named as defendants.

In the public sector, this office represents employees and their unions at the State and County level and both labor and management at the municipal level in appeals to the Civil Service Commission, Merit System Board, Division on Civil Rights, and the various pension boards, grievances and arbitrations before the Public Employment Relations Commission, investigations and proceedings before the State Ethics Commission, and contract negotiations. Workplace mediation is offered in order to resolve disputes before the formal complaint processes are invoked. This office also provides neutral outside hearing officers for disciplinary matters and neutral outside investigators for confidential investigations of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation complaints, allegations of ethics violations, and employee misconduct.

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